1904 Brescia Grande Madama Butterfly Giovanni Zenatello, Salomea Krusceninski, Emma Decima, Virgilio Bellatti, Gaetano Pini-Corsi

Oct 8, 2015

Henning Malm (Tenor) (? 9. 2. 1872 - Stockholm, Sweden 5. 12. 37)

He studied singing under the pedagogue August Söderman. Probably he made his debut  in 1899 at the Royal Opera in Stockholm as Don Ottavio in ‘’Don Giovanni’’ and in the title role of the biblical opera ‘’Joseph’’ of Méhul. He remained a member of this opera house till 1932. He appeared in the Swedish premières of the operas ‘’Madama Butterfly’’ of G. Puccini (1909) and ‘’ Evangelimann’’ of W. Kienzl (1905) and created in 1901 the title part in the 'Rheingold’’ for Sweden. In 1929 he sang at the Stockholm Opera in the premiere of Nathanael Berg’s ‘’Engelbrekt’’. Since 1924 he was also active as a director.

Chronology of some appearances 

1899-1932 Stockholm Royal Opera


G&T, Stockholm 1903-03
Värmlänningarne (Randel): Växelsång (Nu far jag bort) with Hellström 84122 891c

Oct 4, 2015

Erling Krogh (Tenor) (født 12. september 1888 i Kristiania, død 28. oktober 1968 i Oslo)

After a short education he made his debut in 1915 as a concert singer, then continued his education under Ellen Schytte-Jacobsen in Oslo, Peter Cornelius in Copenhagen and Jean de Reszke in Paris. In 1918-21 he belonged to the ensemble of the Komische Opera in Oslo and in the 1923-1924 season he was a member of the Norwegian Opera society. In the 1924-1925 season he created his own opera troupe. Then he performed in Scandinavian lands, however, sang also as a guest also in Berlin and Barcelona. From  1927 to 1937 he was to be heard in the USA.

Chronology of some appearances

1918-1921 Oslo Komische Opera
1923-1924 Norwegian Opera society
1924-1925 Tour Own opera troupe
1927-1937 Tour USA


Gramophone, Kristiania 1920-08-09
Med røde roser (Haarklou) V102 535Am

Gramophone, København 1922-05-02
Caro mio ben (Giordani) X1543 Bm443-1

Odeon, Oslo 1928-05?
Mot kveld (Backer-Grøndahl) D-4053 (A180040)

HMV, Oslo 1929-01-19
Mustalainen (Merikanto) X2959 BN196-2

Odeon, Oslo 1929-02?
Når fjordene blåner (Paulsen) D-4203 (A180207)
Sommersol til siste stund (Danks) D-4152 (A180142)

Oct 3, 2015

Amelia Karola (Soprano) (Napoli, Italia 1875 - Viareggio, Italia 1925)

She was a pupil of pedagogues de Roxas and Platania at the conservatoire of Naples. In 1893 she made her debut at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna as Margherita in ‘’Vandea’’ by F. Clementi. Already in 1894 she appeared at La Scala in Milan as Iguamota in ‘’Cistoforo Colombo’’by A. Franchetti.

Chronology of some appearances

1893 Bologna Teatro Comunale Vandea di F. Clementi (Margherita)
1894 Milano Teatro La Scala Cristoforo Colombo di A. Franchetti (Iguamota)
1895 Milano Teatro Lirico Manon (Manon)
1896 Ferrara Teatro Comunale I Rantzau (Luisa)
1897 Bari Teatro Piccinni Boheme (Mimì)
1898 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Aida (Aida)
1899 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Mefistofele (Margherita)
1900 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Boheme (Mimì)
1902 Milano Teatro La Scala Requiem di G. Verdi
1903 Milano Teatro La Scala Asrael di A.Franchetti (Nefta)
1905 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Iris (Iris)
1907 Pesaro Teatro Rossini Traviata (Violetta)
1909 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Guglielmo Ratcliff (Maria)
1911 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Aida (Aida)
1913  Roma Teatro Adriano Antigone di C. Cataldi
1919 Mantova Teatro Andreani Cavalleria Rusticana (Santuzza)


Fonotipia, Milano 1907-12-12
Tosca (Puccini) Vissi d'arte 92819 XPh3008

Fonotipia, Milano 1907-12-21
Occhi turchini (Denza) 62294 XPh3048
Fiore di siepe (de Falco) 62295 XPh3054

Fonotipia, Milano 1910-03-23
Manon (Massenet) Ancor son io tutt'attonita 62528 XPh4293
Manon (Massenet) Or via Manon 62527 XPh4292

Columbia, Milano 1913?
Fanciulla del West (Puccini) Oh! Se sapeste D9307 41864
Iris (Mascagni) La piovra D9297 41877
Lohengrin (Wagner) Sola nei miei primi anni D4439 41876
Fanciulla del West (Puccini) Laggiù nel Soledad D9307 41861
Iris (Mascagni) S'era ammalata D9297 41878
Lohengrin (Wagner) Aurette a cui spesso D4439 41875
Manon (Massenet) Ancor son io D4440 41866
Manon (Massenet) Guizzar vid' io due bianche stelle C2670 41865
Manon Lescaut (Puccini) L'ora o tirsi D9306 41860
Manon Lescaut (Puccini) Sola perduta abbandonata D9306  41862

Anton Maria Topitz (Tenor) (Kodetschlag, Bohemia 26 February 1887 - Berlin, Germany 7 September 1949)

His father was a headmaster and choral regent. He received his education at the conservatoire of Vienna under Philipp Forstén and made his debut as an opera singer in 1919 at the German Theater of Brünn (Brno) as Lohengrin. In 1930’s he was active at the Berlin concert hall. Temporarily he was a member of the famous Rosenthal-vocal quartet in Leipzig. Several times he travelled around North America, where he gave a concerts and appeared with success as an oratorio singer. He also composed some several songs. Since 1942 he worked as a music journalist in Berlin.

Chronology of some appearances

1919-1921 Brünn German Theater
1921-1923 Graz Opera
1923-1925 Leipzig Opera
1925-1926 Berlin Urban Opera
1926 Leipzig Opera
1926 Weimar National Theater
1926 Paris Concert
1927 Salzburg Concert
1927 Munich Concert
1927 Budapest Concert
1928 Athens Concert
1929 Warsaw Concert
1930 Warsaw Concert
1930 Vienna Concert
1930 Stockholm Concert
1931 Stockholm Concert
1931 Madrid Concert
1931 Oslo Concert
1931 Copenhagen Concert
1931 Salzburg Concert


Electrola, Berlin 1927-03-17
Das Grab auf der Heide (Heiser) EH56 CwR896
An der Weser (Pressel) EH56 CwR897

Grammophon, Berlin 1927
Missa Solemnis (Beethoven): Kyrie, pt 1 with Leonard, Schlosshauer-Reynolds & Bruno-Kittel-Chor 66664 655bm
Missa Solemnis (Beethoven): Kyrie, pt 2 with Leonard, Schlosshauer-Reynolds, Guttmann & Bruno-Kittel-Chor 66664 657bm
Missa Solemnis (Beethoven): Kyrie, pt 2 with Leonard, Schlosshauer-Reynolds, Guttmann & Bruno-Kittel-Chor 66665 657½bm

Electrola, Berlin 1928-05-24
Wien, du Stadt meiner Träume (Sieczynski) EG1126 BL4206-1,1A
Im Prater blüh'n wieder die Bäume (Stolz) EG910  BL4207-1,1A

Sep 24, 2015

Sven Nyblom (Tenor) (Uppsala, Sweden 23 Mar 1868 - Stockholm, Sweden 7 Feb 1931)

He studied singing under Gillis Bratt in Stockholm, then with Mariano Padilla in Paris. In 1900 he made his debut at the Royal Opera in Stockholm as Radames in ‘’Aida’’. Till 1922 he appeared with great success at the Stockholm Opera. Since 1913 he was also active as a director of the Stockholm Opera. In 1918 he became a manager of the Royal Opera school in Stockholm. In 1911 he received from the Swedish king the order "Litteris et artibus" .

Chronology of some appearances

1900-1922 Stockholm  Royal Opera


Trovatore (Verdi): Stretta S373

Edwige Medugno (Soprano)

She had a short career. Probably she made her debut in 1913 at the Teatro Sociale in Soresina as Manon in ‘’Manon Lescaut’’.

Chronology of some appearances

1914 Modena Teatro Municipale Edmea (Edmea)
1919 Napoli Chiesa di San Paolo Maggiore (San Gaetano) Concerto


Pathé, Milano 1914?
Lohengrin (Wagner): Or dei profani with Elvira Magliulo 86347 12530

Vittorio Weinberg (Baritone) (Jerusalem, Israel 1895 - ?)

Born Chaim Weinberg to a family of pioneer settlers in Israel. As a young man, he was sent for religious studies at the Yeshiva Chayai Olom and Yeshiva Etz Chaim. He was discovered to have a beautiful voice and decided to leave for Cairo, where, while studying at the University, he performed several concerts at the Royal Palace. In 1920 he left for Milan, where he studied for two years at the Conservatory with Maestro Giuseppe Mandolini. He made his debut in 1922 at the Sociale of Brescia in ‘’Cavalleria Rusticana’’ and ‘’Pagliacci’’. For ten years he carried out an intense schedule in Italy and in many other countries (Sweden, Finland, the Baltics, Poland, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Austria and Egypt). In 1932 he moved back to Israel, where he was given direction of the schools of singing of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa and of the Jerusalem Theater. In 1936 he sang on the radio and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1939 he moved to the United States, where he was appointed cantor of Congregation Beth Sholom in San Francisco for a few years. In 1948 he performed at the local Opera House, singing in ‘’Rigoletto’’.

Chronology of some appearances

1922 Brescia Teatro Sociale Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1923 Como Politeama Lariano Amico Fritz (David)
1924 Scandiano Teatro Sociale Favorita (Alfonso)
1925 Il Cairo Teatro Kedivhiale Adriana Lecouvreur (Michonnet)
1926 Trieste Teatro Verdi Cavaliere Della Rosa (Faninal)
1927 Parma Teatro Regio Turandot (Ping)
1928 Piacenza Teatro Municipale Manon (Lescaut)
1929 Lisbona Coliseo Recrejos Barbiere di Siviglia (Figaro)
1930 Milano Teatro alla Scala La Via Della Finestra di R. Zandonai (Marchese)


HMV, Milano 1929
Complete Madama Butterfly (Puccini): with Lionello Cecil and Margaret Sheridan

HMV, Milano 5-11-29
La Traviata (Verdi): Di Provenza 100-820 R10348

HMV, Milano 28-11-29
Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini): All’idea di quel metallo with Agostino Casavecchi CM1272 S10165
Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini): Numero quindici with Agostino Casavecchi CM1273 S10165

Sep 22, 2015

André Allard (Baritone) (Paris, France 10. 03. 1874 - Paris, France ? 1938)


He studied singing at the Conservatoire de Paris and made his debut in 1897 at the Opéra National de Bordeaux

Chronology of some appearances

1900 London Covent Garden Carmen (Escamillo)
1900 London Covent Garden Faust (Valentin)
1902 London Covent Garden Manon (Lescaut)
1902 Paris Opera-Comique La Carmélite (Reynaldo Hahn) (Premiere)
1903 Paris Opera-Comique La Reine Fiammette (Xavier Leroux) (Premiere)
1904 Paris Opera-Comique La fille de Roland (H. Rabaud) (Premiere)
1906 Paris Opera-Comique Madama Butterfly (Sharpless) (Premiere)
1906 Paris Opera-Comique Aphrodite Camille Erlanger (Premiere)
1910 Paris Opera-Comique Léone (Samuel-Rousseau) (Premiere)
1911 Paris Théâtre Apollo Madame Favart
1911 Opéra de Monte-Carlo Don Quichotte (Sancho Panza)
1912 Opéra de Monte-Carlo La Damnation de Faust (Mephisto)
1912 Opéra de Monte-Carlo La Fanciulla del West (Sonora) (Premiere)
1913 Opéra de Monte-Carlo Traviata (Germont)
1913 Opéra de Monte-Carlo Pénélope (Gabriel Fauré) (Premiere)
1916 Paris Opera-Comique Les quatre journées A. Bruneau (Premiere)
1922 Paris Opera-Comique Les Noces Corinthiennes Henri Busser (Premiere)


Pathé, Paris 1928?
La voix des chênes (Goublier) 3350
Le Rhin allemand (David) 3350

Sep 6, 2015

Rudolf Bernhardt (Baritone) (Poland, Warsaw ? 1865 - Poland, Warsaw 1905 ?)


First he received his education in Vienna, where he studied singing under Grün and Berensfeld. Later he completed his studies in Berlin under M. Padilla and with Francesco Lamberti in Milano. He made his debut in Cremona as Renato in G. Verdi's ''Ballo in maschera'' (1889?). In 1890 he appeared at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw again as Renato in G. Verdis ''Ballo in maschera''. In the 1891-1892 season he performed at the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Then he undertook a tours, which brought him to the German theaters, where he sang with much success. He came back again to Poland and appeared during the following years at the opera houses of Warsaw and Krakow. In 1897 he made guest appearances in Italian opera theaters, then came back again to Poland and in 1900 did the first Russian tour with successful appearances in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Russia he mostly sang under the artistic name Rodolfo Bernardi. In 1903 he did the third, less successful Russian tour. In 1904 he is to be found for the last time at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw. Probably he died the next year. Bernardi also made guest appearances in Berlin (1895), Budapest, His stage repertoire included Enrico in ''Lucia di Lammermoor'', Count di Luna in ''Trovatore'', Renato in ''Ballo in maschera'', Rigoletto, Germont in ''Traviata'',  Tonio in ''Pagliacci'', also Nevers in ''Huguenots'',  Valentin in ''Faust'' and Janusz in ''Halka''. Today he is totally forgotten.

Chronology of some appearances

1890 Warsaw Grand Theatre
1891 Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet
1892 Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet
1893 Milano La Scala
1895 Berlin
1900 Moscow Theatre Hermitage
1901 Moscow New Theatre
1901 Moscow Bolshoi Theatre
1902 Moscow Bolshoi Theatre
1903 Moscow Theatre Hermitage
1903 Moscow Bolshoi Theatre
1904 Warsaw Grand Theatre


Berliner, -1-02
Carmen (Bizet): Votre toast 22789 1945 B