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Mar 31, 2015

Amalie Bobková (Soprano) (Trnava 1874 - 1956 ?)

She was a pupil of the famous Czech singer and pedagogue Marie Sittová-Petzoldová in Prague. In 1900 she made her debut at the National Theater in Prague as Marguerite in ‘’Faust’’ by C. Gounod. In 1901 she appeared there in the premiere of A. Dvořák’s ‘’Rusalka’’. Till 1911 she had in this most significant Czech opera theater a big career and she distinguished herself in Italian, German, French and Czech repertoire. She appeared with great success especially as a partner of the tenor Otakar Marák, who alos had a big success at that time in Prague. Her real star role was counted the Vendulka in ‘’Hubička’’ (‘’The kiss’’) by B. Smetana. Her other roles were Micaela in ‘’Carmen’’, Mignon of A. Thomas, Antonia in ‘’Hoffmanns Erzählungen’’, Gilda in ‘’Rigoletto’’, Susanna in ‘’Figaros Hochzeit’’, Juliette in ‘’Roméo et Juliette’’ by C. Gounod, Xenia in ‘’Dimitri’’ by A. Dvořák, Julia in ‘’Jacobin’’ of the same composer, Marie in ‘’Verkauften Braut’’ and Chrysothemis in ‘’Elektra’’ of R. Strauss. She married to Prager university professor F. Votruba and after her marriage lived together with her husband in Olomouc, where she appeared till 1920 at the theater there. She appeared at the National Theater of Prague in 1916 and 1918. Since 1934 she lived again in Prague and appeared there in 1936 again in a concert on the occasion of the homecoming of Czech tenor Otakar Marák from the USA.

Chronology of some appearances

1900 Prague National Theater Faust (Marguerite)
1901 Prague National Theater Rusalka (First wood sprite)


Odeon, Praha 1906-05/08
Rusalka (Dvořák): Zpěv lěsni zinky X29077 Vx1750
Mignon (Thomas): Zda znáš-li ten kra (Romance)  X29078 Vx1751

Albertine Dubois-Lauger (Mezzo-Soprano) (? 1874 - ?)

She received her education at the Paris Conservatoire and made her debut in 1894 at the Opéra-Comique in Paris, to which she belonged till 1896. Then she appeared at the famous French provincial theaters and was engaged in the 1899-1900 season by the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels. In 1910 she made her debut at the Grand Opéra in Paris and appeared here for about twenty years. At the Grand Opéra her repertoire included Venus in ‘’Tannhäuser’’, Brangäne in ‘’Tristan und Isolde’’, Fricka in ‘’Walküre’’, Gertrude in ‘’Roméo et Juliette’’, Anna in ‘’Les Troyens’’, Hérodias in ‘’Hérodiade’’, Grande Vestale in ‘’La Vestale’’. Between 1924 and 1933 she appeared regularly in opera performances of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo: as Taven in ‘’Mireille’’, Ortrud in ‘’Lohengrin’’, Maddalena in ‘’Rigoletto’’, Marcellina in ‘’Nozze di Figaro’’and Geneviève in ‘’Pelléas et Melisande’’. In 1925 she appeared at the Opéra de Monte-Carlo in the premiere of M. Ravel’s ‘’L'Enfant et les sortilèges’’, the next year in A. Honegger’s ‘’Judith’’. In addition, she made guest appearances in many French theaters, but also abroad, thus in 1918 at the Opera in Rio de Janeiro. In 1936 she appeared in Monte Carlo as Marcellina in ‘’Nozze di Figaro’’ and in 1942 as Annina in ‘’Rosenkavalier’’. She was married to the tenor Gastone Dubois, who was engaged more than twenty years by the Grand Opéra in Paris and appeared there like in Monte Carlo together with his wife.

Chronology of some appearances

1894-1896 Paris Opéra-Comique
1899-1900 Brussels Théâtre de la Monnaie
1910 Paris Grand Opéra
1925 Opéra de Monte-Carlo
1926 Opéra de Monte-Carlo
1936 Opéra de Monte-Carlo
1942 Opéra de Monte-Carlo


Odeon, Paris 1907
Africaine (Meyerbeer): Septuor, pt 1 with  Landouzy, Gaston Dubois, Amelia Talexis, Régis, Rigaux and  Billot  56132 XP3642
Africaine (Meyerbeer): Septuor, pt 2 with Landouzy, Gaston Dubois, Amelia Talexis, Régis, Rigaux and  Billot 56148 XP3643
Traviata (Verdi): Septuor with  Gaston Dubois, Régis, Rigaux, Billot,  Maletti and Landouzy 56146 XP3644
Boheme (Puccini): Addio, dolce svegliare with Et. Billot,, Lise Landouzy and Gaston Dubois 56157
Boheme (Puccini): Part2 with Et. Billot, Lise Landouzy and Gaston Dubois 56151
Rigoletto (Verdi): Quatuor  with Affre, Landouzy and Rigaux 86503 XXP3683
Roméo et Juliette (Gounod): Quatuor de la chambre with Lise Landouzy, Rigaux & Billot 56135 XP3655

Homophone, Paris
Faust (Gounod): Trio with Gaston Dubois and Fournets 8392

Mar 30, 2015

Elena Theodorides (Soprano) (Odessa 1884 - Athens 1933)

She made her debut in 1902 at the Opera in Athens, to which she belonged up to her death. In 1908 she married the bass Michael Vlassopoulos and appeared since then under the name Elena Vlachopoulos. Her stage repertoire included Aida, Amelia in ‘’Ballo in maschera’’, Norma and Tosca. Her daughter Zoë Vlachopoulos also became known as a singer. 

Chronology of some appearances 

1903-1933 Athens Opera


Odeon, Athens
Norma (Bellini): Mira O Norma with Victoria Theodorides 58519
Boheme (Puccini): Valzer di Musetta 58558

Maria Martucci (Soprano)

She was the wife of Vittorio Martucci, the chief conductor and artistic director of the recording company Phonodisc Mondial in Milan. Probably she made appearances at the italian provincial operatic stages.


Phonodisc Mondial  
I Lombardi (Verdi) La mia letizia infondere with Martinez-Patti Gino  467

Fhono-Comp.-Limit.-Milano Dome Disck
Aida (Verdi) Ciel, mio padre with Luigi  Baldassarri 1101
Aida (Verdi) Su dunque sorgete with Luigi  Baldassarri 1102

Emilio De Marchi (Tenor) ( Voghera 1861 – Milan 1917)


He had a significant career during the late 19th century and early 20th century, appearing at major theatres on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1900, he entered the annals of musical history as the creator of the role of Cavaradossi in Giacomo Puccini's Tosca. He proved a success at La Scala and was chosen by the composer Puccini to sing the coveted role of Cavaradossi in the first performance of  ''Tosca'', which occurred at Rome's Teatro Costanzi on January 14, 1900.

Chronology of some appearances

1886 Bologna Comunale Ballo in maschera (Riccardo)
1886 Palermo Politeama Carmen (Don Jose)
1886 Bergamo Riccardi Gioconda (Enzo)
1886 Milano Dal Verme Traviata (Alfredo)
1887 Bologna Comunale Carmen (Don Jose)
1887 Milano Dal Verme Gioconda (Enzo)
1887 Milano Dal Verme Mefistofele (Faust)
1887 Roma Costanzi Mefistofele (Faust)
1887 Palermo Politeama Mignon (Guglielmo)
1888 Palermo Politeama Garibaldi Carmen (Don Jose)
1888 Lucca Del Giglio Mefistofele (Faust)
1888 Torino Carignano Mignon (Guglielmo)
1888 Torino Carignano Rigoletto (Duca)
1888 Barcelona Liceo Carmen (Don Jose)
1888 Barcelona Liceo Gioconda (Enzo)
1888 Barcelona Liceo Mefistofele (Faust)
1889 Barcelona Liceo Africana (Vasco)
1888 Valencia Principal Mefistofele (Faust)
1889 Valencia Principal Carmen (Don Jose)
1889 Verona Filarmonico Gioconda (Enzo)
1889 Barcelona Liceo Mignon (Guglielmo)
1889 Barcelona Liceo Trovatore (Manrico)
1890 Buenos Ayres Opera Carmen (Don Jose)
1890 Buenos Ayres Opera Gioconda (Enzo)
1890 Valencia Principal Gioconda (Enzo)
1890 Valencia Principal Mefistofele (Faust)
1890 Roma Argentina Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1890 Trieste Comunale Mefistofele (Faust)
1891 Barcelona Liceo Gioconda (Enzo)
1891 Barcelona Liceo Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1891 Madrid Reale Gioconda (Enzo)
1891 Madrid Reale Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1891 Madrid Reale Mefistofele (Faust)
1892 Madrid Reale Carmen (Don Jose)
1892 Madrid Reale Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1892 Barcelona Principal Favorita (Fernando)
1892 Bilbao Arriaga Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1892 Siviglia San Ferdinando Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1892 Gorizia Sociale Mefistofele (Faust)
1893 Madrid Reale Carmen (Don Jose)
1893 Madrid Reale Gioconda (Enzo)
1893 Madrid Reale Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1893 Madrid Reale Traviata (Alfredo)
1893 Barcelona Principal Mefistofele (Faust)
1893 Barcelona Principal Traviata (Alfredo)
1893 Rio de Janeiro Lirico Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1893 Rio de Janeiro Lirico Mefistofele (Faust)
1893 Rio de Janeiro Lirico Ugonotti (Raoul)
1894 Rio de Janeiro Lirico Ugonotti (Raoul)
1894 Rio de Janeiro Lirico Africana (Vasco)
1894 Rio de Janeiro Lirico Gioconda (Enzo)
1894 Rio de Janeiro Lirico Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1894 Rio de Janeiro Lirico Mefistofele (Faust)
1894 Rio de Janeiro Lirico Rigoletto (Duca)
1894 Madrid Reale Carmen (Don Jose)
1894 Madrid Reale Mefistofele (Faust)
1894 Lisbon San Carlo Gioconda (Enzo)
1894 Lisbon San Carlo Mefistofele (Faust)
1895 Lisbon San Carlo Africana (Vasco)
1895 Mosca Solodownikoff Carmen (Don Jose)
1895 Mosca Solodownikoff Mignon (Guglielmo)
1895 Mosca Solodownikoff Traviata (Alfredo)
1895 Mosca Solodownikoff Ugonotti (Raoul)
1895 Pietroburgo Petit Ugonotti (Raoul)
1895 Buenos Ayres Opera Gioconda (Enzo)
1895 Buenos Ayres Opera Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1895 Buenos Ayres Opera Mefistofele (Faust)
1895 Buenos Ayres Opera Traviata (Alfredo)
1895 Buenos Ayres Opera Ugonotti (Raoul)
1895 Montevideo Solis Gioconda (Enzo)
1895 Montevideo Solis Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1895 Montevideo Solis Ugonotti (Raoul)
1896 Buenos Ayres Opera Africana (Vasco)
1896 Buenos Ayres Opera Boheme (Rodolfo)
1896 Buenos Ayres Opera Gioconda (Enzo)
1896 Buenos Ayres Opera Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1896 Buenos Ayres Opera Mefistofele (Faust)
1896 Buenos Ayres Opera Traviata (Alfredo)
1896 Buenos Ayres Opera Ugonotti (Raoul)
1896 Montevideo Solis Boheme (Rodolfo)
1896 Montevideo Solis Gioconda (Enzo)
1896 Montevideo Solis Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1896 Montevideo Solis Mefistofele (Faust)
1896 Montevideo Solis Traviata (Alfredo)
1896 Montevideo Solis Ugonotti (Raoul)
1896 Pietroburgo Petit Carmen (Don Jose)
1896 Pietroburgo Petit Mignon (Guglielmo)
1896 Brooklyn Academy of Music Ugonotti (Raoul)
1897 Madrid Reale Carmen (Don Jose)
1897 Madrid Reale Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1897 Madrid Reale Ugonotti (Raoul)
1898 Palermo Massimo Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1898 Roma Costanzi Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1898 Siviglia San Ferdinando Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1898 Siviglia San Ferdinando Ugonotti (Raoul)
1898 Barcelona Liceo Ugonotti (Raoul)
1899 Milano La Scala Ugonotti (Raoul)
1900 Roma Teatro Costanzi Tosca (Cavaradossi)


Mapleson cylinders, New York
Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni): Santuzza, Turiddu duet with Emma Calvé and Carrie Bridewell
Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni): Brindisi with Carrie Bridewell and Giuseppe Campanari
Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni):  Santuzza, Turiddu duet with Emma Calvé and Giuseppe Campanari

Ernani (Verdi): O sommo Carlo with Sembrich, Mathilde Bauermeister, Roberto Vanni, Antonio Scotti, Edouard de Reszke and  Bernard Bégué (Version 1)
Ernani (Verdi): O sommo Carlo with Sembrich, Mathilde Bauermeister, Roberto Vanni, Antonio Scotti, Edouard de Reszke and  Bernard Bégué (Version 2)
Aida (Verdi): Ma tu, o Re with Johanna Gadski, Louise Homer, Giuseppe Campanari, Marcel Journet, Adolphe Mühlmann
Aida (Verdi): Triumphal Scene with Johanna Gadski, Louise Homer, Giuseppe Campanari, Marcel Journet, Adolphe Mühlmann
Aida (Verdi): Triumphal Scene with Emma Eames, Louise Homer, Antonio Scotti, Edouard de Reszke and Adolphe Mühlmann
Aida (Verdi): Ritorna vincitor with Johanna Gadski, Louise Homer, Roberto Vanni, Marcel Journet, Adolphe Mühlmann
Aida (Verdi): Temple Scene with Marguerite Marilly and Marcel Journet
Tosca (Puccini): Torture Scene with Emma Eames and Antonio Scotti
Tosca (Puccini): Vittoria, Vittoria with Emma Eames and Antonio Scotti 

Cäcilie Rüsche-Endorf (Soprano) ( Dortmund 1873 - Leipzig 1939)



She studied at the conservatoire in Cologne and with Alberto Selva in Milan. She made her debut in 1894 at the Stadttheater in Zurich as Agathe in ‘’Freischütz’’. In the 1896-1902 seasons she was a member of the Opernhauses in Cologne, where she appeared in 1902 in the premiere of the opera "Die Pompadour"  by Emanuel Moor. In 1898 she married the opera singer Hermann Endorf. In the 1904-1905 season she was engaged by  the Stadttheater in Elberfeld, from 1905 to 1910 she sang at the Opernhaus in Hannover. In the 1910-1915 seasons she appeared with great success at the Opernhaus in Leipzig. Here she sang in 1914 the the of Kundry in the première of ‘’Parsifal’’ as a partner of Jacques Urlus. She sang at the Bayreuth Festival from 1906 to 1909. She made guest appearances at the Hofoper in Berlin (1907-1909), at the Hofoper in Munich (1910-1918), at Amsterdam, Rotterdam (1910), at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels (1913, 1914), at the Deutschen Theater in Prague (1911), at the Stadttheater in Zurich and at the Hofoper in Dresden (1911). In 1908 and from 1911 to 1914 she guested at the Covent Garden in London in R. Wagner’s operas. Later she lived in Leipzig and worked there as vocal pedagogue. Her stage repertoire included Elsa in ‘’Lohengrin’’, Eva in "Meistersingern", Elisabeth in ‘’Tannhäuser’’, Desdemona in ‘’Otello’’, Pamina in "Zauberflöte", Marguerite in ‘’Faust’’ and the title role in "Königin von Saba".

Chronology of some appearances

1894 Zurich Stadttheater
1896-1902 Cologne Opernhauses
1904-1905 Elberfeld Stadttheater
1905-1910 Hannover Opernhaus
1906-1910 Bayreuth Festival 
1907-1909 Berlin  Hofoper
1908 London Covent Garden
1910-1915 Leipzig Opernhaus
1911 London Covent Garden
1911 Prague Deutschen Theater
1911 Zurich Stadttheater
1911 Dresden Hofoper
1912 London Covent Garden
1913 London Covent Garden
1913 Brussels Théâtre de la Monnaie
1914 Brussels Théâtre de la Monnaie
1914 London Covent Garden
1910-1918 Munich  Hofoper


Gramophone, Hannover 1907-12?
Freischütz (Weber): Und ob die Wolke (Cavatine) 2-43056 4010r
Nozze di Figaro (Mozart): Heil'ge Quelle 2-43057 4011r

Gramophone, Berlin 1909-10-29
Tannhäuser (Wagner): Dich teure Halle 2-43314 1828ab
Lohengrin (Wagner): Einsam in trüben Tagen 2-43316 

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Eugenio Perna (Baritone)

He studied singing at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome under the pedagogue Enrico Rosati and made his debut in Rome in 1912 at the Teatro Adriano in ‘’Traviata’’.

Chronology of some appearances

1913 Roma Teatro Adriano Boheme (Marcello)
1914 Brescia Teatro Grande Loreley (Herman)
1915 Torino Teatro Alfieri Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1917 Udine Ricreatorio Festivo Concerto
1918  Lugo Teatro Rossini Boheme (Marcello)
1919 Cento Teatro Sociale Boheme (Marcello)
1919 Cento Teatro Sociale Boheme (Marcello)
1920 Pisa Teatro Verdi Tosca (Scarpia)
1921 Torino Teatro Scribe Tosca (Scarpia)


Gramophone, Milano 1915
Complete Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni): with Franco Tuminello and Giorgina Ermolli