La Boheme (Giacomo Puccini) Premiere, 1 February 1896. Cesira Ferrani (Mimi) and Evan Gorga (Rodolfo)

Oct 31, 2014

Emilia Vergeri (Soprano) (? - ?)

Her full name was Emilia Sanchez  Vergeri. In 1917 she sang at the Teatro Colon in San Juan de Puerto Rico in G. Verdi’s ‘’Otello’’ as a partner of Enrico Arenson and Roberto Viglione. In 1919 again as a partner of the baritone Roberto Viglione she appeared at the Teatro Colon in Santo Domingo in G. Verdi’s ‘’Aida’’. In 1925 as a meber of the Philadelphia La Scala Opera Company she appeared as Santuzza in ‘’Cavalleria Rusticana’’ at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia

Chronology of some appearances

1917 San Juan de Puerto Rico Teatro Colon Otello (Desdemona)
1919 Santo Domingo Teatro Colon Aida (Aida)
1925 Philadelphia Academy of Music Cavalleria Rusticana (Santuzza)


Edison 4-min cylinders, USA? 1911?
Graf von Luxemburg (Lehár): Dúo with Pedro Vinart 8070

Umberto Sacchetti (Tenor) (San Pietro in Casale, Bologna 1874 - ? 1944)

He studied singing in Bologna under the vocal pedagogues Corsi and Verati and made his debut in 1903 at the Teatro Sociale of Argenta in P. Mascagni’s ‘’Cavalleria Rusticana’’. In 1906, as a mamber of the Operetta Company "Gordini e Marchetti", he appeared at the Teatro Olimpia in Milan.  In 1908 he sang at the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele in Messina as Turiddu in P. Mascagni’s ‘’Cavalleria Rusticana’’. In 1906 he went to USA, where he returned again in 1911, to continue his career, during which he performed both in Vaudeville and opera. He appeared with success in New Orleans, Washington, Boston, Fitchburg and Winnipeg. Probably for the last time he sang the role of Edgardo in G. Donizetti’s ‘’Lucia di Lammermoor’’ at the Teatro Morgana in Rome (1920).

Chronology of some appearances

1903 Argenta Teatro Sociale
1906 Milano Teatro Olimpia
1908 Messina Teatro Vittorio Emanuele
1920 Roma Teatro Morgana


Columbia, Milano 1905?
Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni): Siciliana 10515

Camilla Rota (Mezzo-Soprano) (Milano 1897 - Milano 1977)

She made her debut in 1920 at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan as Urbain in G. Meyerbeer's ''Les Huguenots''. In 1921 she guested at the Teatro Carcano in Milan as Maddalena in G. Verdi's ''Rigoletto''. In 1924 she went to Alessandria, where at the Teatro Municipale sang the role of Azucena in G. Verdi's ''Il Trovatore''. In 1926 she made guest appearances at the Palais Voor Volksvlijt in Amsterdam. She guested in Venice, Mantua, Trieste, Lucca, Padua, Modena and Verona and in South America. In 1937 at the Teatro Alla Scala she sang the role of mother in ''Hansel and Gretel'' by E. Humperdinck. Married with the tenor Luigi Marletta. She spent her last years at the Casa di Riposo G. Verdi in Milan.

Chronology of some appearances

1920 Milan Teatro Dal Verme
1921 Milan Teatro Carcano
1924 Alessandria Teatro Municipale
1926 Amsterdam Palais Voor Volksvlijt
1937 Milan Teatro Alla Scala


Columbia, Milano 1930
Gioconda (Ponchielli): E cantan su lor tombe with Gaetano Viviani and Giannina Arangi-Lombardi LKX 5092 BX 111

Oct 30, 2014

Theodor Wilke (Tenor) (Annen 1873 - Sienno 1915)

He began his stage career in 1900 at the Court Theatre in Detmold, joined from there in 1902 to the Municipal Theatre of Rostock and was engaged in the 1904-05 season by the Municipal Theatre of Mülhausen/Alsace (Mulhouse). In 1905 he appeared at the Municipal Theatre of Strasbourg, where he enjoyed a great popularity and remained till 1913. His repertoire included roles like Tamino in "Zauberflöte", Faust in C. Gounod's ''Faust'', Turiddu in ''Cavalleria Rusticana'', Florestan in ''Fidelio'', Max in ''Freischütz'', Erik in "Fliegenden Holländer", Lohengrin, Tannhäuser, Walther von Stolzing in "Meistersingern". He appeared as a guest among other things at the Court Theaters of Karlsruhe and Hannover. In 1913 he appeared with great success in BerlinHe participated in World War I voluntarily and died during the war.

Chronology of some appearances

1900 Detmold Court Theatre
1902 Rostock Municipal Theatre
1904-1905 Mülhausen/Alsace (Mulhouse) Municipal Theatre
1905-1913 Strasbourg Municipal Theatre


Zonophone, Frankfurt-am-Main 1906
Evangelimann (Kienzl): Selig sind die Verfolgung leiden X-22455

Juan García (Tenor) ( Sarrión 1896 - Buenos Aires 1969)

His full name was Juan Francisco García Muñoz. He was born in 1896 in Sarrión, Spian. In 1924 he went to Italy and studied singing under  Arnaldo Galliera. In 1925 he made his debut at the Teatro del Casino Municipal de San Remo as Duke in ‘’Rigoletto’’. The same year he made his spanish debut at the Teatro Tívoli de Barcelona in ‘’Manon’’ opposite Genoveva Vix. Then he made guest appearances in Egypt with the opera company of Pietro Mascagni, then again performed in Italy as a partner of Toti Dal Monte at the Teatro La Fenice de Venecia. In 1927 he sang at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid as Almaviva in ‘’Il Brbiere di Siviglia’’opposite Conchita Supervía. In 1929 at the Tatro Marín de Teruel he again appeared in ‘’Manon’’  and ‘’Il Barbiere di Siviglia’’. At the beginning of the 1930’s opera almost is not represented in Spain and he devoted himself especially to the Zarzuelas. In 1935 he initiated a short cinematographic career. In 1936, his spectacle was hired by Radio Belgrano, of  Buenos Aires. Despite leaving more than two hundred recordings, he died in the negligence in the Argentine capital on August 14, 1969 of a heart attack.

Chronology of some appearances

1925 San Remo Teatro del Casino Municipal
1925 Barcelona Teatro Tívoli 
1926 Venecia Teatro La Fenice
1927 Madrid Teatro de la Zarzuela


Parlophon, Barcelona 1930
Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini): Se il mio nome B 26007-I  76195
Manon (Massenet): En fermant les yeux 26007-II 76213

Oct 27, 2014

Noria Mazzi (Soprano)

Probably she made her debut in 1891 at the Teatro Ristori in Verona as Margherita in ‘’Faust’’.

Chronology of some appearances

1891 Verona Teatro Ristori Faust (Margherita)
1896 Novara Teatro Coccia Ernani (Elvira)
1897 San Francisco Opera Forza del destino (Leonora)
1899 Brescia Teatro Guillaume Ernani (Elvira)
1900 Crema Teatro Sociale Faust (Margherita)
1902 Atene Teatro Olimpia Aida (Aida)
1904 Venezia Teatro Rossini   Andrea Chenier (Maddalena)
1905 Marsala Teatro Garibaldi Gioconda (Gioconda)


Pathé, Milano 1906?
Ernani (Verdi): Da quel dì with Aristide Anceschi 86175

Vittorio Girardi (Bass)

He made his debut in Italy. In 1897 he went to USA, where at the Opera House in San Francisco appeared in ‘’Faust’’, ‘’Favorita’’ and ‘’Ballo in maschera’’.

Chronology of appearance

1897 Los Angeles Opera House Faust (Mefistofele)
1897 Los Angeles Opera House Favorita (Baldassarre)
1897 Los Angeles Opera House Ballo in maschera (Samuil)
1897 San Diego Fisher’s Ballo in maschera (Samuil)
1899 Milano Dal Verme Africana (Inquisitore)
1899 Milano Dal Verme Ballo in maschera (Samuil)


Bettini cylinder, New York 1899?
Guglielmo Tell (Rossini): Troncar suoi di with Alberto De Bassini and Dante Del Papa